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Repair terms and conditions


1.1. UAB “Raso” (hereinafter – Raso) provides technical maintenance and repair services in accordance with these rules (hereinafter – the Rules).
1.2. Customers wishing to repair their equipment or purchase goods or services from Raso must read and follow these Rules. The Customer shall confirm the familiarization with these Rules and the consent to comply with them by clicking on the link “I have familiarized and agree”.
1.3. The term ‘equipment’ used in these Rules means devices owned or operated by the Customer and transferred to Raso and in respect of which Raso has undertaken to provide certain maintenance or repair services.
1.4. Raso has the right to change, amend or supplement the Rules at any time without prior notice to the Customer. The new Rules shall enter into force on the day of their publication. The Customer’s orders submitted before the amendment of the Rules shall be executed in accordance with the Rules in force at the time of placing the order. By confirming the order, the Customer acknowledges that he agrees with the Rules in force at that time.
1.5. If the Customer violates the provisions of these Rules, Raso acquires the right to refuse to continue working with the Customer or to demand compensation for the incurred damage.
1.6. Raso is not responsible and shall not compensate the Customer for the damage incurred by him due to non-compliance with the conditions provided for in the Rules.


2.1. The Customer, desiring to receive the warranty or non-warranty equipment repair services, shall order these services on the Raso website by filling in the repair registration form.
2.2. In the registration form, the Customer shall enter all the information required for repair, including but not limited to the product manufacturer’s and model name, equipment serial number, description of the error/fault, contacts of a person with the relevant knowledge about the equipment failure who could actively contribute to the fault finding and diagnosis.
2.3. When ordering the warranty equipment repair services, the Customer must provide:
2.3.1. The Equipment purchase documents, the Equipment warranty passport or another document proving the term of the warranty period.
2.3.2. All information known to the Customer about the equipment failure and/or the reasons for that failure. In the absence of a clear reason for the failure, Raso reserves the right to charge the Customer not in accordance with the equipment testing fee set out in clause 3.4, but in accordance with the hourly rate set out in clause 3.3.
2.4. After the Customer fills in the registration form, the repair order is formed automatically by using the data provided by the Customer during the filling in the form.
2.5. The Customer shall undertake to indicate in the order form how the delivery of the equipment will be carried out.
2.6. After placing the order, the Customer hands over the equipment to the couriers, who deliver it to Raso, or the Customer delivers the equipment to the Raso service center. After detailed diagnostics of the equipment is performed, the scope and price of repair works are offered to the Customer, and after the Customer approves them, repair works are carried out.
2.7. When confirming the order, the Customer shall undertake to check whether all the data provided by him are correct. If discrepancies are found, the Customer shall undertake to correct the data and only then confirm the order.
2.8. Raso only accepts and confirms correctly filled orders.
2.9. Raso shall accept the order submitted by the Customer and shall start to execute it according to the contractual terms as soon as it receives the equipment at the service centre. If the Customer has not concluded a cooperation agreement, the repair works shall be performed on a first-come, first-served basis.
2.10. When ordering repair services, the Customer confirms that he understands and agrees to the condition that Raso has the right to dispose of the equipment if the repaired equipment is not reclaimed within 6 months from the date of placing the order.
2.11. The Customer must take all other actions and provide all required information that may be requested by Raso in order to provide the service properly.


3.1. The prices of the products and services sold by Raso are indicated without VAT.
3.2. In the event that the Customer orders the non-warranty equipment repair services and Raso identifies the equipment failure and offers methods and price for its elimination, the Customer has the right to choose:
3.2.1. To approve the repair estimate submitted to him, while committing to pay the full amount provided in the estimate in accordance with the terms provided to the Customer in the invoice.
3.2.2. To refuse further repairs while paying only the equipment testing fee set out in clause 3.4.
3.3. The Equipment repairs are paid at a fixed hourly rate. If the Customer does not have a cooperation agreement with an individually determined price of works, the price of one engineer’s working hour is €60 plus VAT.
3.4. If the repair of the equipment is refused after the submission of the repair estimate, the Customer shall undertake to pay for the equipment testing works. If the Customer does not have a cooperation agreement with an individually determined price of works, a testing fee of €30 plus VAT per equipment shall be applied.
3.5. If the Customer orders the non-warranty equipment repair services and Raso determines that the equipment is not repairable, the Customer shall be notified thereof and the equipment shall be sent to the Customer or the Customer may pick up the equipment himself. If the Customer does not have a cooperation agreement with an individually determined price of testing works, a testing fee of €30 plus VAT per equipment shall be applied.
3.6. Once the Customer has approved the repair estimate, the equipment testing fee shall not be applied.
3.7. The Customer shall send the equipment to the Raso service and shall send it back at his own cost.
3.8. In that case if the Customer requires the equipment pick-up or return service, the Customer shall agree that Raso would charge this service at the following rates:
3.8.1. €5 plus VAT per shipment up to 10 kg.
3.8.2. €12 plus VAT per shipment from 10 to 30 kg.
3.8.3. Heavier, extremely large shipments or shipments sent from/to abroad shall be coordinated by a separate agreement between the Customer and Raso.
3.9. Unless otherwise stated in the provided repair estimate, the amount indicated in the estimate includes only the repair works and the price of spare parts, if they are required for the repair. The equipment shipping, marking, modification, etc. services shall be paid for separately and shall not be included in the repair estimate.
3.10. Only original and new spare parts are used by Raso for the repair of equipment, unless the Customer confirms in writing the consent to use non-original or non-new parts.
3.11. After the repair with new, original parts is carried out, they are covered by a 90-day warranty.


4.1. Sending of equipment to Raso is performed by third parties – UAB Venipak Lietuva. Venipak couriers have the right to contact the Customer and check with the couriers about the exact time at which the Customer will deliver the shipment in which the equipment will be sent. In all cases, the shipment must be submitted by the Customer or another person specified in the order. In such a case, if the shipment is submitted by the persons not specified in the order or the shipment is not properly marked/labelled, postal couriers have the right not to accept such a shipment.
4.2. When filling in the order, the Customer shall indicate the necessary, additional Information: the person receiving the equipment (when the products are accepted not by the Customer himself) and the desired delivery and/or dispatch time and other data required for the delivery and/or dispatch of the equipment.
4.3. When the Customer wishes that the equipment would be delivered to another address or that it would be received by another recipient, the new delivery address of the products and the data of the recipient shall be indicated in the remarks’ section in the order.
4.4. When sending or delivering the equipment to Raso service, the Customer must remove all replaceable elements (e.g. SIM card, battery, SD card, etc.) from the equipment, unless these elements are directly related to the fault/failure.
4.5. Equipment delivered to the service centre for repair must be clean.
4.6. Given that Raso does not have the opportunity to evaluate the contents of the Customer’s shipment until its receipt and opening, in the event of a dispute over the contents of the shipment, the burden of proving the contents of the shipment and its compliance with the information specified in the Customer’s order form and the shipment documents shall rest with the Customer.
4.7. If the courier arrives at the specified address and at the time agreed with the Customer, but he fails to find the Customer and therefore cannot accept the equipment, the Customer shall forfeit the right to make claims to Raso for sending the equipment, and Raso shall acquire the right to demand from the Customer to pay for the repeated arrival of the courier.


5.1. The Customer shall be responsible for the data contained in the equipment.
5.2. Raso shall not be responsible for the storage of the data in the equipment. Please make a copy of the data in the equipment.
5.3. In the event of service, the data in the equipment shall not be saved. Repair works shall continue without saving the data and without separately informing the Customer thereof.
5.4. The Customer understands and confirms that he is responsible for the independent restoration of the software he uses after the equipment repair works are completed.

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