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Created double scales

Consumers’ shopping carts have been growing for some time, which creates challenges for self-checkouts, so we are responding quickly. “We design self-checkouts according to individual needs, […]

Exclusive distribution rights

Years of experience enable us to secure strong links with the most advanced technology manufacturers. Generalscan has granted us exclusive distributor’s status to work with their […]

Taking part in trainings

Continuous development is an important and ongoing process in our team. That is why this year the second group of managers took part in a three-month […]

Key achievements in 2022

2022 was an exciting and intense year, says our team leader Vitalijus Garbauskas, as he shares some key figures and achievements. The project of the year […]

We wish you a pleasant holiday!

Dear customers, partners, colleagues, Congratulations on the holidays. May coziness fill your home. “A year full of challenges and trials is coming to an end. We […]
ltglink įranga

LTG Link mobile checkout equipment

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute to the railway company LGT Link by developing a mobile checkout solution for ticket sales and […]
self-service machines

Solution for the self-service purchase of small or controlled goods

Our company, UAB Raso, has developed an innovation in the retail sector – self-service machines for controlled and small goods, which work with specially generated QR […]
Inventorizacija Raso EZCollector

Inventory checks. What mistakes should be avoided?

What mistakes do companies make most often during inventory checks? They are unaware that this time-consuming process can be automated. And the solution for this is […]

30 Holidays Together. Thank You for 2021!

We wish you merry holidays and many happy and meaningful moments in all your activities in 2022. Thank you for being with us. We look forward […]
RASO covid sertifikatas galimybiu pasas Akropole

Covid passport scanning – at Riga Akropole as well

The solution we have created for the quick Covid certificate scanning in Lithuania has also been applied in Latvia, in Riga “Akropole”. In Latvia, the flow […]
RASO galimybiu pasas covid sertifikatas Maxima

Installed Covid passport scanning in Maximas

Our team has developed a solution that allows to scan of a Covid-19 certificate valid in Lithuania, called the Opportunity passport, with a specialized handheld computer […]

New security and privacy features

PUN 21-01: Honeywell Announces Release of Android 10 Across Multiple Devices Android 10 includes over 50 new security and privacy features. These features are only available […]

Modern checkouts solution implemented by UAB Raso

Today‘s World is changing fast in many ways and we see how technlogy is transforming various industries. Norfa grocieries store chain is closely observing the trends […]

E-retailers facing extraordinary demand receive help from professional smart devices

Significant rise in e-commerce volumes caused by the pandemics this year has affected not only online retailers but also smart technology suppliers. Raso company operating in […]

Success story of MV GROUP Logistics and RASO, UAB

MV GROUP Logistics Company, together with its partners RASO UAB and Quantum Qguar Sp.z o.o., completed installation of the new warehouse management system Qguar WMS in […]
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