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Software solution for advanced asset management and effective inventory count of all your assets.

  • Fast return on investment
  • User-friendly interface
  • Faster inventory
  • Human error elimination
  • Integration with ERP or accounting software

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Based on the real experiences the solution can speed up the asset’s inventory count 2-3 times with significant human-factor mistakes elimination.


3 levels of location options (room - building - city)
4 types of logical classification of assets (reporting person, type, cost group, etc.)
Easy Asset Creation and Modification
Assignment of status to a specific asset group (active / inactive)
Extensive information about the asset (asset card, comments, photos, attachments, serial number, third party assets, suppliers, prices, etc.)
Filtering capabilities, reports, and history
Printing of stickers, labels with barcodes
Inventory number management, results analysis


Android operating system
Number of stocks
Location (pvz., Kambarys)
Logical (e.g. Person)
During the inventory there is a possibility to enter new assets, assign comments, photo
Asset list browsing (both online and offline)
Wireless connection
Support for device-integrated barcode scanners and cameras

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