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Qguar WMS Pro is a system designed to support warehousing processes in company-owned warehouses or warehouses that rent storage space.

Qguar WMS The system takes advantage of state-of-the-art solutions in the domains of IT and logistics techniques. With its ability to cooperate with numerous modern external devices, the product undoubtedly belongs to the leading solutions that reach the highest level in the world. Qguar WMS Pro has built-in modules for managing dangerous goods, settling accounts of logistics operations and the optimization of forklift truck operation. The standard version of WMS Pro also offers graphical indicators and a module for configuring interfaces to external systems. The system is ready to work with RFID and Voice technologies.

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Qguar WMS Pro

Alter the face of your warehouse with the WMS that belongs to most frequently selected systems with the longest development history in Poland.

Qguar WMS Pro:

Qguar WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a piece of modern and complete software for managing a warehouse or a group of warehouses. Long years devoted to work on its development translate into extreme comprehensiveness combined with versatility in adapting to specific lines of trade and their characteristic work requirements, which provides the user with the following features (among others):

support of barcodes, including the GS1 standard;
support of the following technologies: RF, RFID, voice picking and light picking;
management of pallets, forklift trucks and return packaging units;
realization of the processes of goods picking, stocktaking and cross-docking;
account settlements of logistic services.

Qguar WMS Pro is a tool designed to support the operation of any complex warehouse equipped with a range of different storage devices. It is in particular dedicated to warehouses with lots of goods,where many operations are performed. In case of logistic warehouses, it allows for simultaneous management of goods from many final customers in shared storage resources. The system is designed primarily for distribution centres, logistic warehouses, and extensive storage facilities of manufacturing companies.

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