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Retail management system Raso Retail

RASO Retail is a convenient and functional retail management system with cash register functions (POS) for retail companies.
When a cash register is no longer enough because of a big number of customers and variety of goods, faster customer care is needed and retail data must be collected in electronic format, the computer POS system comes as an irreplaceable business management tool. RASO UAB developed a new RASO Retail system to satisfy the retail needs of your company.
RASO Retail:
• the new system has been developed and is supported in Lithuania;
• it is designed for every retail company according to its needs;
• it allows to serve buyers faster;
• it allows to apply various discounts for buyers;
• it is simple to use;
• it imports, accumulates, stores and exports important retail information;
• integrations with third parties (Gift vouchers, discount programmes, GSM top-ups, payment of public utility bills);
• it helps to manage working time of cashiers with cash registers.
This system has been developed in Lithuania and is under continuous improvement, with upgrades installed free of charge. Professional customer care and fast troubleshooting are guaranteed by RASO UAB support service open 24/7.
RASO Retail successfully operates in nearly one thousand cash registers in Lithuania!
Operation of the system: CASH REGISTER. RASO Retail performs all usual cash register operations, generates reports and enables fast and convenient invoicing – all it takes is clicking several buttons only.
SALE. Merchandise is scanned by a barcode reader or entered manually using a merchandise catalogue. Merchandise can be searched by categories or names (the system itself suggests commodities from the list after entering at least four first letters). Catalogues are designed in several levels; therefore search is convenient and fast. A picture can be uploaded for every commodity in the catalogue – it is highly useful when commodities have similar names. Fast buttons displayed in the main screen allow entering the most popular commodities by one click. Weighing scales can be connected to a cash register instantly displaying data on the screen, and if a commodity weighs more than maximum weighing weight of the scales, the weight can be entered manually. Several types of payment of mixed payment for merchandise are available (in cash, by card, gift voucher, vouchers, etc.).
DISCOUNTS. Several types of discounts can be entered into the system: for merchandise, groups of merchandise, total receipt, applied on certain days or certain hours of a day. They can be applied automatically by using loyalty cards or manually.

RETURN OF GOODS. Goods can be returned on the basis of a receipt, i.e. after entering a receipt code, the content of the receipt is displayed, including prices of goods at which they were sold. Then a cashier selects the returned goods, clicks the finish button and cash drawer opens.

SETTINGS. Appearance of user’s and customer’s screens can be modified easily, i.e. desired colours can be selected, shop logo display, appearance of the customer’s screen when a cash register is not in operation. Users can change the settings by themselves or with the help of the support service. Certain limited rights are applied and limited actions are permitted for certain users to minimise possibility of errors and employees’ malpractice.
Operation of the system: SERVER. Server accumulates all information about commodities, their prices, customers, discounts, receives information from individual cash registers and sends it to all cash registers for further use. Upgrades are also installed through the server. Most information (commodities, prices) is imported from an accounting programme, thus eliminating the need for repeated input.
RASO Retail system can be translated into other languages; therefore it can be used by employees and buyers who do not speak Lithuanian.
Server accumulates all information about completed actions and system operation, therefore a customer and RASO support service can log on to information registers (logs) remotely at any time and see the status of the system and carry out diagnostics and problem prevention.
USERS. Individual users are created in the server and attributed to certain groups (e.g. cashiers, floor staff, managers, etc.). Rights are set for each group, therefore all users of the same group have the same rights and may not perform functions other than attributed to them. Employees can be attributed to individual shops. All information about shops is entered into the system, a code of several letters is given to every shop to facilitate searches (e.g. Kaunas branch – KB). Customers’ section accumulates information about buyers for whom invoices were or will be issued. New data can be entered directly into the server or cash register, from which information is transmitted to the server and then distributed to other cash registers.
COMMODITIES. All commodities available in the shop, their descriptions and prices and images can be imported from accounting program. Besides, images can be added to every commodity manually in the server, as well as name abbreviation to be seen on the buttons can be set. It is possible to set a reduced price per unit for buying goods in bulk, discounts applied manually at the cash register can be entered (for commodities, groups of commodities, receipt, spent amount of money). Commodities can be distributed into groups at several levels, i.e. fruits and berries, fruits, apples. The number of grouping levels is unlimited, but maximum three levels are recommended to shorten search in the catalogue.
Special barcode rules can be entered into the server, i.e. to set the information to be displayed in a cash register after entering or scanning a certain specific barcode, for example, in order to sell commodities in sets or packages, or commodities which have passed their expiry date.
RASO Retail has integrations with many third-party companies, and by logging onto the server, commodity information of third parties can be managed. Possible integrations with sellers of gift vouchers, GSM services, loyalty programmes, suppliers of public utilities.
CASH REGISTER DATA. This part of the server is intended for quick finding information about sales and enables its exportation for further analysis. Data can be filtered by a cash register, shop, cashier, period, specific baskets of commodities, issued invoices, money deposit – withdrawal information. Analysis of these data helps to receive important information to plan marketing actions or staff motivation strategies: which commodities are most popular at which time, which companies are the most loyal customers, which sales assistant manages to sell more, etc. Besides, data can be generated and analysed here before ECRT (electronic cash register tape) data is received.
WORKING TIME ACCOUNTING. RASO Retail allows accounting of working time – every employee has his/her own logons, while information about all logons and logouts is registered in the server, therefore cashier’s working time at a cash register can be seen. There is an option to log out a cash register after a certain time of inactivity to prevent using other employee’s account and to know more accurate time spent at a cash register.

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