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Mobile cash registers POS RASO-12

This kit focuses on points of sale where the seller is not in one place and often no longer has the opportunity to return to the cash register when they reach the buyer. In such a situation, the sale takes place directly to the buyer, taking the money, processing the data at the cash register and printing a fiscal check. This optimizes the work of the consultant – he can not only provide information about the product or check the situation in the warehouse without going to the computer, but also sell it immediately.
This solution is also focused on places where there is no space to build more cash registers and the flow has to be taken care of not only by sellers-cashiers, but also by consultants. Consultants walk around the mall and can service shoppers right inside the store instead of at the exit. The handheld performs the function of a computer and can work with MS Windows or Android operating systems.

Comes with a wireless fiscal printer Tremol FP Mobile.